An Easy Guide To Understanding The Importance Of Pre-Employment Tests

Do you know what a pre-employment test is? Have you ever had to complete one? If not, do not worry. This blog post is going to explain everything you need to understand the importance of pre-employment tests.


Why are pre-employment tests necessary?

When searching for a new job, several tests may be required to ensure that the candidate is suitable for the position. Employers are looking at their qualifications, past work history, personality traits, and specific physical abilities.

Employees working in jobs such as those dealing with children or the elderly must have passed background checks and often drug screenings before securing employment. In addition, health care professionals who will need to handle emergencies should pass some form of pre-employment testing before being allowed on site without supervision.


What types of pre-employment tests exist?

Different companies use a variety of tests for pre-employment. As mentioned at, knowing the different pre-employment tests can help you know what to expect in any given interview. Besides, you can easily prepare for these tests by knowing what they are. Thanks to the online platforms that provide pre-employment test preparation, the processes have become more streamlined and efficient.

The common types of pre-employment tests include:


  • Cognitive ability tests

  • Personality tests 

  • Skills and Work tests


How can you prepare for pre-employment skills?

As mentioned above, the first step to preparing for pre-employment tests is knowing what they entail. The second step is to review the types of skills that are being tested. It's essential not only to know what you're going up against, but it's vital to have a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses as well. For example, if reading comprehension tests are part of pre-employment testing, consider taking some time out for extra studying or even signing up for an online course in speed reading. You can also find great resources on sites like YouTube, which offer video tutorials on how best to prepare yourself before a test date!


What the results of a pre-employment test mean for you and your employer? 

Generally, employers will use pre-employment tests to confirm their observations and hiring decisions or as part of the decision-making process. Whatever is happening, there should be a reason behind it: you need to know how your results impact your chances for employment with that company and if they are legitimate reasons not to hire you.


Employers often choose personality assessments because they're an easy way to compare applicants' traits against each other to find people who fit into the culture well. Make sure you understand what type of test this is so that if these questions come up during an interview, you can address them better. For example, "Why did we decide on using a Strength Deployment Inventory instead of another assessment?" would give insight into whether someone believes in the assessment process or not and whether they believe it is a good tool for finding employees who will fit in well with the company.


In the employment sector, pre-employment tests are perhaps one of the most critical aspects that need to be looked into when hiring an employee. As an employee, it's essential to be aware of the different types of tests, what they are meant for and how they can help you. However, you should know that failing these tests isn't the end of the road.



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