A Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) is a graduate degree for students who want a creative degree in visual or performing arts, photography, filmmaking, or creative writing. An M.F.A. allows students to develop their artistic skills with many opportunities to work on hands-on projects. Completing an M.F.A. will prepare a graduate for work within literature, history, architecture, film photography or media within performing arts centres, theatres, design companies etc. Universities worldwide offer the study of subjects such as fashion, directing, theatre or industrial design, and even directing. Typically, coursework for students includes working on their own projects, whether that is writing, performing, or directing, with the program and the degree is usually awarded following a major work or performance. Studying an M.F.A. shows a deep appreciation and understanding of the arts and is the perfect choice for students who want to share evocative works of art in the theatre or in writing with audiences – a theatre production includes an entire creative process behind the final presentation on stage! You will have the opportunity to take responsibility for large scale projects with a massive impact on the audience.