A Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is not only a very popular degree, but can cover a wide range of different specialisations. The degree allows for students to take their studies further and specialise in their particular area of interest, whether that be within aeronautical, mechanical, or electrical engineering, and graduates typically pursue careers within computer science, electronics, mechanical engineering, physics and mathematics. Completing a Master of Engineering allows for students to study and develop their skills within specialised institutions with highly respected teachers and professionals, as well as other passionate and driven students. Many universities also require students to study one year abroad, offering the perfect opportunity to network and learn from a diverse learning experience, and the chance to build upon a fundamental knowledge. Programs are usually four years long, but every course and project will be designed for students to develop their intellectual and practical skills in their specific field of study in preparation for their careers as professional engineers. A degree that is so specific shows companies that you truly are specialised in your field – there will be an even better chance for you to pursue your interests in becoming a professional and respected Engineer.