Full Time Courses for Public Health

Public Health focuses upon the prevention of disease and the promotion of health through organised efforts across society. Public health deals primarily with population-level models and analysis of health and wellbeing, seeking to promote health behaviours and attitudes as widely as possible. The objective for Public Health practitioners is to curtail the spread of disease, and otherwise minimise habits that damage physical and emotional wellbeing. This interest in behaviour and cultural attitudes connects Public Health with the Social Sciences and Humanities. Governments normally play a key role in funding, supporting, and permitting Public Health initiatives, and so many Public Health courses include a strong policy element to the syllabus. A Masters in Public Health (MSc or MPH) prepares students for a career within this crucial field; sometimes this involve working alongside other healthcare practitioners in hospitals or clinics, while in others this will involve working for government agencies and departments. Public Health can also lead to a career in the third sector, working for NGOs that seek to promote health and wellbeing.

Public Health