Agriculture is one of the most ancient of the applied disciplines, having been independently developed in at least 11 separate centres of origin right around the world. Agriculture involves the breeding and cultivation of plants, fungi, and animals for products that are of use to human beings – including food, medicine, fibre, biofuel, and pigments. The modern scientific study of crop species and growing practices – called agronomy - has developed from over 10,000 years of customary knowledge. Increased knowledge of genetics, pathology, nutrition, and ecology are revolutionising the growing of crops and the rearing of animals. Key challenges include controlling pests, improving the attributes of crop species to boost the yield and quality of their produce, and minimising the impact of agricultural activity on the wider ecosystem. Those with a Masters in Agriculture, are well-prepared to become farmers or land managers, or to work for large agribusinesses, especially in research and development.


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