Online Courses for Aquaculture & Fisheries

Aquaculture is the field of study concerned with the cultivation of aquatic organisms (such as fish or shellfish), especially for food. Fishery is the industry of catching or rearing these aquatic organisms. A Master’s Degrees in Aquaculture & Fisheries develops an understanding of aquaculture principles and practices in nutrition and water quality, reproduction and genetics, hatchery management, ecology and physiology, husbandry and production, health management and disease control, product quality, aquaculture system and technology, experimental design and statistics for biology, fisheries biology and management, and bio-business. Graduates from Aquaculture & Fisheries manage and regulate fisheries, fish farms and fishing activity. Common jobs include fisherman, fish farm manager, fishery manager, fish husband, marine biologist, environmental scientist and fish breeder.

Aquaculture & Fisheries