Part Time Courses for Hydrology & Water Management

Hydrology is the science that encompasses the occurrence, distribution, movement and properties of the waters of the earth and their relationship with the environment within each phase of the hydrologic cycle. It is also concerned with human’s involvement in the use of water. A Master’s in Hydrology (M.Sc) involves a number of physical and life sciences such as meteorology, plant physiology, soil physics and geology, and a number of mathematical sciences such as fluid mechanics, probability and statistics, and systems analysis. Students will see these subjects in the context of hydrological and water resource applications. Graduates of the Master’s Degree in Hydrology & Water Management are career-orientated and cover theoretical backgrounds and have practical design considerations. There are a wide range of contexts in which hydrogeologists work and specialize including groundwater resource and quality assessment, well design, construction and operation, pollution, contaminated land and groundwater remediation.

Hydrology & Water Management