Online Courses for Computer Sciences

Computer Sciences deal with both theoretical and applied matters regarding computing – incorporating elements of Mathematics and Electrical Engineering to study and answer questions regarding the design, specification, building, and use of software and hardware. In this way, the Computer Sciences deal with various applied domains – such as visualisation, graphics, computer security, and computation – and the theoretical grounding upon which these domains are based. A Masters in Computer Science (MSc) is not just for those interested in conducting research in this expanding field. Given the importance of computing to all aspects of our lives, most academic institutions recognise the need for an advanced course in computing to prepare students for a professional career. An MSc in Computer Science is suitable for someone with an undergraduate background in another numerate discipline – such as Physics – or for a computing professional who wishes to enhance their experience, as well as for students who have completed an undergraduate degree in the field. Computer Science masters are particularly in demand amongst “blue chip” industries - such Telecommunications; Tech; and Social Media.

Computer Sciences