Part Time Courses for Web Technologies & Cloud Computing

Web Technologies & Cloud Computing represent a specialist, hybrid subfield within the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. The World Wide Web is an information space first created in 1989, that stores the information we access via the Internet. Cloud Computing is a more recent innovation, whereby a shared pool of data and programs is created that can be accessed remotely, often via the Internet. As both of these technologies are have specific programming and hardware requirements, and necessarily have implications for the circulation of information, Web Technologies and Cloud Computing implicate the Computer Sciences and Information Sciences directly. As with Computer Science, a Masters in Web Technology (MSc) or a Masters in Cloud Computing (MSc) require an undergraduate background in a numerate discipline – such as Mathematics or Physics. Due to their specific applications, both degrees have a direct pathway to specific careers. A Masters in Web Technology is great preparation for working in social media; an Internet start-up; a search engine; or Web hosting company. A Masters in Cloud Computing, meanwhile, will be attractive to many large companies, that seek to integrate cloud technologies into their internal IT structures.

Web Technologies & Cloud Computing