Full Time Courses for Civil Engineering & Construction

One of the three major branches of modern Engineering, Civil Engineers are concerned with building public and private infrastructure – such as roads, bridges, sewers, railways, flood defences, and buildings. Civil Engineers works with materials like concrete, wood, steel, bricks, using them to build highly visible constructs. This brings them into close collaboration with other disciplines, such as Architecture and Public Policy. Civil Engineering is further subdivided into Structural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Surveying. A Masters of Civil Engineering (MSc, MEng) is particularly appropriate for work in the Real Estate and Construction industries, as well as consulting and support services that relate to these sectors. There is also considerable demand for Civil Engineers in the utilities sector, including water, gas and power generation, with these sectors providing the option for further specialisation – such as Nuclear Engineering. Some institutions offer an MEng as a direct continuation from an undergraduate degree in Engineering.

Civil Engineering & Construction