Online Courses for Electronics & Embedded Technology

Electronics is a branch of physics that deals with the emission, behavior, and effects of electrons and electronic devices. Embedded technology allows computing architecture to be embedded into the environment. Artifacts in the environment can then sense different aspects of their surroundings as well as the user's ongoing activities, reason about them, and act accordingly. A Master’s Degree in Electronics and Embedded Technology combines electronic engineering, computer science and robotics. Students will develop a deeper understanding of communication networks, digital signal processing and communications, which provide a foundation for senior roles in the electronics and signal processing technologies industry. They will gain a broad understanding of how engineering translates to everyday life through mobile and personal communications as well as information security. Graduates from Electronics & Embedded Technology are qualified for technical roles in research, design and development in various sectors such as IT, telecommunications, defense and medical electronics. Common jobs include software engineer, design engineer, chip developer, embedded system engineer and more.

Electronics & Embedded Technology