Full Time Courses for Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineers study electrical systems; their design and manufacture. In a sense, electrical engineering operates at the opposite end of the scale to Civil Engineering – designing very small structures that nonetheless have a dramatic impact upon all of our lives. The flourishing of the so-called “Internet of Things” has meant that more electrical devices than ever before integrate an element of computing into their functions. As such, Electrical Engineering has some overlap with Computer Science. Other sub disciplines within Electrical Engineering include Electronics, and Robotics. An MSc or MEng in Electrical Engineering relates strongly to work in the Technology sector, with a qualification in this field being highly relevant for work in “blue chip” companies or in Telecommunications. Electrical Engineers also find employment in the utilities sector, particularly in the realm of Power Generation and Transmission. But, reflecting the ubiquity of electronics within the modern world, Electrical Engineers can find employment in a huge variety of different sectors.

Electrical Engineering