Part Time Courses for Counselling

Counselling is a form of therapy that uses dialogue and listening to help people process personal difficulties. Counselling incorporates a huge range of different modalities, each of which makes use of different theoretical models and practices to structure and guide the interaction between the counsellor and their client. Counselling often draws upon the understanding found within different disciplines - especially psychology and neurology – to inform its practice. Counsellors can choose to specialise in dealing with particular areas of difficulty – such as for families or couples, or for those experiencing chronic illness. Masters in Counselling (MA; MSc) provide in-depth training in the wide range of psychotherapeutic techniques available to counsellors, with the precise content of the course depending upon the institution. Most national jurisdictions have an independent body that provides accreditation for professional counsellors (such as the BACP in the UK) – some degrees in counselling incorporate accreditation with these bodies into their syllabus. As such, a degree in Counselling is best suited to those who wish to become a professional counsellor upon leaving university.