Part Time Courses for Education

The field of Education, also known as Education Theory or pedagogy, specialises in understanding how people learn – with the express intention of informing the practice of education by teachers, lecturers and other professionals in the field. However, Education Theorists also study the process of learning outside of formal settings – such as in the home, in prisons, or in the workplace. As with certain social sciences – such as Political Science – Education manifests in both normative and descriptive forms; sometimes aiming to describe how education works in practice, at others exploring how learning practices can be improved upon. Given its use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, Education Theory is normally thought of residing within the Social Sciences or Humanities. A Masters in Education (MA, MRes, or MEd) or related fields naturally prepares students for work in educational institutions, or in the realm of education policy. It is possible to choose between a taught course, and one that involves more research components – the latter being more suited to those who seek to move into research or policy in their wider career. Education Theory also has broader relevance to a range of careers where training or teaching others is a factor – such as within Human Resources.