Part Time Courses for Biology

Biology is the scientific study of living systems, dealing with the physical and chemical composition, structure, behaviour, and evolution of living organisms. Biology is divided into a series of sub disciplines, according to the subject of study – including Zoology (the study of animals), Microbiology (the study of microorganisms), Botany (the study of plants), Genetics (the study of heredity). Like all Natural Scientists, biologists use a combination of observation, experimentation, and mathematical modelling to develop their understanding. Biology, and its related disciplines, are sometimes referred to as “Life Sciences”. A Masters in Biology (normally an MA or MSc), or one of its sub-disciplines, normally requires an academic background in the Life Sciences, to provide the necessary grounding in scientific principles. With a Masters degree in the subject, students can gain entry to a variety of fields, including medical research, conservation, consultancy, and teaching.