Part Time Courses for American Studies

American Studies is the exploration of the cultural, political and historical aspects of the United States throughout time. A Master’s in American Studies (MA) will not only allow students to focus on American history, literature, politics, and economics throughout history. But, a Master’s degree will also enable students to explore the impact of the United States on nations throughout the world, and how these varying international relationships have resulted in peace and war. American Studies degrees are multidisciplinary in nature, and will incorporate an awareness of history, law, politics, economics, gender studies, race studies, and sociology. Master’s students of American Studies can choose from a diverse array of courses, including ‘Hip Hop and Hollywood’, ‘Civil Rights Movement’, ‘American Racial History- From Jamestown to James Brown’, and ‘Political Institutions in the United States’. This will allow students to expand a wide breadth of knowledge, while also fine-tuning their analytical and theoretical capabilities. Graduates pursue careers in teaching, academia, documentary directors, translators, lawyers, writers, or bankers.

American Studies