Online Courses for Criminology

Criminology is the scientific exploration of the nature, causes, effects and avoidance of criminal behaviour and action. A Master’s in Criminology (M.Sc.) studies many elements of criminality; from individual crime, to gang and mob mentality, to rehabilitation, to perpetrator punishment. Criminology degrees are interdisciplinary—students will apply theories from sociology, law, psychology, history, and also politics and economics. As such, Master’s students will develop their critical awareness, as well as analytical and investigative skills. Graduate students will be able to participate in a wide range of interesting courses, such as ‘Perspective on Organised Crime’, ‘Cybercrime’, ‘Intelligence Gathering and Analysis’, ‘Counselling and Forensic Psychology: Investigating Crime and Therapy’, and ‘Public Law vs. Criminal Law’. Master’s graduates of Criminology will leave university with a thoroughly in-depth understanding of criminal behaviour. Graduates go onto pursue careers as investigate agents, police officers, drug enforcement officials, civil servants, activists, or criminal lawyers.