Part Time Courses for Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive Science is the scientific study of the human mind and its processes. A Master’s in Cognitive Sciences (MA or M.Sc) will involve investigating human intelligence, behaviour, and personality. Not only this, but Master’s students will explore the neurological processes of animals and artificial intelligence. Cognitive Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree, and graduate students will become proficient in psychology, biology, linguistics, computer science, anthropology and philosophy. Students will be able to combine theories from multiple disciplines, and in this way, creatively hypothesise new and exciting research. As a Cognitive Sciences student, you will utilise many different methodologies to complete your research, such as behavioural experiments, computational modelling, and brain imaging. This will enable students to gain exceptional analytical and critical reasoning skills, putting you in good stead for further employment. Master’s students can choose to specialize in a number of sub disciplines, such as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, psycholinguistics, computational-representational understanding of the mind, and many more. Graduates find career opportunities in a number of professions, such as artificial intelligence, speech synthesis, telecommunications, game design, or programming.

Cognitive Sciences