Online Courses for Architecture

Architecture is the process of planning and designing manmade structures. It combines aspects of the arts – through its concern for the elements of style and beauty of a building – with aspects of the hard sciences, especially Mathematics – through the need to design buildings that are structurally sound and comfortable to inhabit. As the knowledge and availability of materials and technologies has increased and the regulation of the built environment has intensified, the discipline of Architecture has necessarily become more complex as well. Although the classic objects of architectural interest are buildings, Architecture also deals with the design of other constructions, too. Some architects – known as Landscape Architects – deal more with public space and landmarks, while Naval Architects – specialise in designing ships. The Master of Architecture (MA, MSc, or MArch) is the professional degree in Architecture, attaining it permits students to continue through the process of professional accreditation. There are several routes to gaining a Master of Architecture degree, including beginning at an undergraduate level. Completing a separate Masters degree in Architecture provides a way of embarking on a career as an architect, if your undergraduate degree was in an unrelated discipline. Architects require a further professional license in order to practice, that is attained through experience in the field. Architecture schools also offer Masters courses that are not accredited.