Part Time Courses for Interior Design

The late Italian designer Gianfranco Frattini described design as ‘above all an effort to improve reality’. Interior design is the process of composing a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, to enhance one’s quality of life. A Master’s of Interior Design is a multidisciplinary field of study, which takes from and combines art, design, engineering, and architecture. An interior designer will go through six stages in transforming the blank canvas of an empty space into an efficient and beautiful home, or office, or museum, or any such place. The first stage is Research, where the designer will gather information, collect references, and map features. The second stage is Concept and Development, when the designer will formulate their ideas, think about artistic references, collect models and photomontages. The third stage is the Initial Sketch, in which the designer will create original sketches and models, and develop a direction of where the space will go. The fourth stage is the Design Development, where the concept idea will be analysed, and key decisions and proposals are put forth and made. The fifth stage, the Design Detail, resolves any conflicts that may arise and focuses on details, such as lighting. The final stage is the Presentation, where the designer will present their 2D and 3D designs to the client. A Master’s in Interior Design will allow students to learn the techniques and skills in the three major areas of interior design; house decoration, residential design and commercial design. Graduates of Interior Design usually go onto become interior designers, or can become event planners, gallery curators, or landscape decorators.

Interior Design