Online Courses for Design

Design is a broad field concerned with the planning and creation of objects by human beings. Design encompasses a huge number of different disciplines, each of which relates to a specific kind of product, such as: Biological Design, Visual Design, Game Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Interior Design, Service Design, Software Design, Urban Design, Product Design, Automotive Design, Fashion Design. There is a tremendous variety of different philosophies that inform the process and goals of practicing designers, even within these disciplines – from the holistic and qualitative, to the highly systematic and quantitative - so it worthwhile looking carefully at the syllabus and speciality of any given Masters in Design course, to decide which one will best suit your own interests and approach towards making. Postgraduate training in design provides a well-trodden route into industry, from software companies, to home goods manufacturers. But with innovations like 3D printing and the rise of the Maker Movement, it is also easier and cheaper than ever before to set up your own independent company.