Part Time Courses for Theatre & Dance

‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’. Shakespeare’s oft-quoted line rings true now, as it did four hundred years ago. The study of theatre involves learning about the space where any form of drama, music, and dance takes place. A Master’s in Theatre and Dance will study the various ways in which emotions, concepts and philosophies are communicated from the stage to the audience. Students of Theatre and Dance will explore intriguing topics such as ‘Greek Drama’, ‘Sound-making in the Theatre’, ‘Dramaturgy’, ‘Theatre in the Community’, ‘Theatre and Performance’, and ‘The Evolution of Ballet’, through both theory and practice, as well as a fusion of independent and group study. Graduates with a Master’s in Theatre and Dance go onto pursue a range of careers, such as choreography, theatre direction, costume design, dance instructors, and stage management.

Theatre & Dance