Art & Fine Art

Fine Art is the making and study of any form of aesthetic visual art, such as painting, sculpture, drawing, or watercolour. A Master’s of Art / Fine Art (M.A. / M.F.A.) will allow students to explore their creative processes, inspiring and encouraging their art in exciting and unusual ways. Students will engage in an active community of art shows, exhibitions, performances, film festivals, and dance recitals. Master’s in Fine Art will give students the tools to delve deeper into their speciality medium, while also giving you the opportunity to discover alternative means of expressions, such as printmaking or video art. The majority of universities or art schools will give each student their own studio space, as well as access to the city’s galleries and museums. A Master’s in Fine Art will give you the creative and professional tools to pursue a career in the creation of art. Graduates can also go onto become curators, art dealers, or work for prestigious museums, institutions or charities .

Art & Fine Art

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