Part Time Courses for Film, Photography & Media

Film, photography and media is concerned with the recording, capturing and documenting of moments through still or moving images. Studying Film, Photography and Media at a Master’s level will involve investigating the theoretical and artistic interactions between these three practices. Students will become acquainted with contemporary critical debates concerning the distribution of professional film and photography in the post-industrial and digital culture of today, and, in this way, be able to contribute to fields of research themselves. Master’s students will also be encouraged to further their own creative pursuits, and produce images and projects of their own. Taught courses will explore a range of thought-provoking modules, such as ‘International Film Industries’, ‘Feminism in the Media’, ‘Computer and Video Graphics’, ‘Animation’, and ‘Production and Manipulation of News-Images’. Graduates of Film, Photography and Media courses go onto a vast range of diverse careers such as photographers, graphic designers, television camera operators, media planners, web designers, stylists, an magazine editors.

Film, Photography & Media