Online Courses for Accounting

Accountancy, or accounting, is the process by which financial information about commercial entities is gathered, assessed, and communicated. Financial reporting of this kind is a fundamental feature of all business, and allows stakeholders in an enterprise – such as investors, suppliers, employees, regulators, lenders and management – to better understand and explain the operations of that enterprise. Globally, there are efforts to move towards a single, common standard of accounting, to facilitate the swift and clear exchange of information about commercial activity everywhere in the world. There are various different degrees in Accounting, such as Master of Science in Accountancy (M.S.Acy. or M.Sc.) or Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.Acy.) or simply a Master of Accountancy (M.Acc. or M.Acy.). Regardless of the specific title, each of these Masters’ degrees serves to prepare students for public accounting, and to take the national accountancy qualification within their jurisdiction. For those accountants who are already qualified, these courses offer an opportunity to deepen their understanding and consolidate what they’ve learned on the job.