Full Time Courses for Corporate Communication

Corporate communication is collective communication activity generated by a company, body, or institute to its public in order to achieve a planned objective. In a world where organizations are under increasing public scrutiny, protecting a company's corporate reputation and sending out the right messages are vital for survival. It is becoming an increasingly major part of business strategy and a growing area of employment. A Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication aims to teach students how to manage relationships with key stakeholders and promote a positive corporate reputation. Students become communication specialists with a thorough understanding of current communication technology. That is achieved by combining advanced knowledge of up-to-the-minute communication skills and techniques with case studies and practical examples of best practice. Graduates are equipped with analytical tools which can be used across all sectors, giving them a competitive edge in the jobs market. Common jobs include public relations director, media relations manager, online editorial director, director of public affairs, applied communications manager and many others.

Corporate Communication