Online Courses for Literature

The study of Literature deals with the written word – what it means, works of poetry and prose are constructed, and how people react to it. Regardless of whether the language is English, French, Spanish, or Chinese, a course in Literature devotes itself to both classic and modern works in the published canon of that language, encompassing significant elements of practical criticism, analysis, and in some cases, creative writing. Journalism courses also involve more vocational training, while Creative Writing courses include more workshops and opportunities to promote your work to agents and industry executives. Literature degrees require an ability to draw together vast amounts of information into a single, coherent argument – a highly valued skill in the workplace. A Masters (normally an MA) in Literature, Journalism, or Creative Writing provides excellent preparation for a career in the media – whether you wish to becoming a writer or journalist yourself, or if you wish to work as a publisher, editor or literary agent. A background in Literature can also be a route into teaching, advertising, or copywriting.