Full Time Courses for Public Relations

Public relations is necessary for any and every company or product. It is the process of communication between organisations and the public, and is a central mediator in managing reputation and customer/ consumer interaction. A Masters (in most cases an MSc, MA, or MBA) in public relations will develop the skills needed to administer this communication. Students will learn about brand identity, social context, environmental sustainability, public policy, and global and political shifts. They will understand how to utilise this knowledge to provide a framework for researching, planning, and creating an efficient relationship between a company and the public. A public relations postgraduate degree is a usually a vocational degree, giving you the key employability skills to go straight into a career with PR. A public relations student will also become proficient in multi-media, including literature, television, and radio, thus developing key skills in other professions as well, if you choose to go down another path.

Public Relations