Online Courses for Media Studies & Mass Media

Media Studies is a discipline focussed upon those modes of communication – known as “mass media” - less emphasised in conventional Literature courses. These include broadcast media such as film, television, and radio, as well as digital media – content circulated online. Media Studies also deals with outdoor media – such as billboard advertising – as well as print media. Media Studies looks to critically examine all these sources of communication, to look for general patterns and processes that allow us to better understand the development, workings, and impact of mass media. A Masters (usually MA) in Media Studies provides a firm grounding in some of the most influential forms of communication in the world today, and as such it can provide a route into working in the sectors that produce mass media – from television and radio, to advertising and social networking. The breadth of a Media Studies degree, and its focus upon modern forms of communication, give students a uniquely appropriate perspective upon work in these areas.

Media Studies & Mass Media