Part Time Courses for Religious Studies & Theology

Religious studies and Theology is concerned with all that is divine, mystical, ecclesiastical, and hermeneutical. A Master’s (M.A.) in Religious Studies and Theology will delve into the practices, philosophies, and moral codes of religious institutions, in the ancient and modern world, throughout different areas of the world. This interdisciplinary degree will chart the various impacts of religion on society and human history, honing in on topics such as identity, war, social function, and environment. MA students will focus on both major established religions such as Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, as well as more obscure, niche belief systems, such as Paganism, Esotericism, and Satanism. Master’s graduates of Religious Studies and Theology are well-prepared to go onto become teachers, lecturers, community workers, researchers, priests, or ministers.

Religious Studies & Theology