Part Time Courses for Humanities, Journalism & Media

The Humanities are concerned with the human condition. They ask questions like: what does it mean to be human? How has culture unfolded over the centuries, and why? Unlike the natural sciences, the Humanities tend to use critical and historical methods, rather than experimental testing or mathematical modelling. There is no central discipline – or study technique – within the Humanities, and so there is a significant degree of creative freedom in how students may direct their research, and explore the themes that interest them. As such, the ability to develop a coherent and satisfying argument, and to think critically about existing ideas, is very important in the Humanities. The influence of the Humanities extends widely, into various Social Sciences and the applied fields of Law, and Education. A Masters in the Humanities can be either taught – in which case it is primarily based on lectures and seminars – or research-based, in which case there will be a stronger element of independent and original study.

Humanities, Journalism & Media